2018 Sonnet 61

Absolutely. Actually. Really.
You know, um, what I mean to say is this.
Honestly, and, uh, I mean, the deal he
Wants to make with you goes beyond a kiss.

And then, you know, he says, oh, never mind.
I mean, he’s like, well, kinda, like they say.
You know, they always say, he’s, well, the kind
Who won’t give up until he gets his way.

It’s like, you know, it’s like, I mean, they all
Think they know, you know, I don’t know, I mean
He’s like, you know, like one of those you call
The cops on. You know. It’s like, well, obscene!

I know, I mean, you know? Yes, I stammer.
I’m guess I’m, like, subtle as a hammer.


2018 Sonnet 60

My dear Chihuahua never was snippy.
Sugar sweet puppy for about fourteen years.
Growing deaf, slowing down, once so zippy,
Now an old lady. Saving up my tears.

My Chihuahua stays close, encouraging,
Soothing pain, welcoming, cheering sadness.
Not always easy to watch her aging,
Knowing she’s the antidote to madness.

My Chihuahua ought to be four-foot-three,
Tall enough to pat her head while standing.
My Chihuahua, tiny dog, hard to see,
Barely standing six inches commanding

So much love and loyalty. Born to be
My pocket dog. Great Dane of love to me.

2018 Sonnet 59

I’m a winner when I’m selling myself.
When I’m shopping, poor me; I’m the victim.
Skill, will and bills don’t leave me on the shelf
It just doesn’t make sense that they pick him.

The field isn’t level and life isn’t fair
So it isn’t my fault that I’m losing.
They don’t like my accent, my nose, my hair,
Or the cheap aftershave that I’m using.

It has to be something I can’t control.
It has to be something arbitrary.
It has to be something from deep in that hole
Of a heart, or some grudge that they carry.

It has to be them. It cannot be me.
It’s my turn to win more decidedly.

2018 Sonnet 58

I would celebrate confidence and pride
But too often it looks like arrogance.
Feels great, I know, when it’s growing inside,
It’s a way to go. It’s a marrow dance.

Once there was a rumble: To be humble
Was considered proper, even godly.
When the mountains crumble we will mumble
Of humility’s ability to sod me.

The problem is we whiz through life with blinders
On and never see the One above us.
Self-satisfied, never seekers, finders
Of the One who sent the Son to love us.

Pride in self? Instead, let’s admire the One
Whose handiwork we are, saved by the Son.

2018 Sonnet 57

Deep, deep thoughts! Did you ever think of that?
Swimming in profound imagination!
Great Sincerity! Straining at a gnat.
Swallowing the camel of elation.

Deep, deep thinking. Meditate on drinking
Wisdom of the ages from the sages.
Deep, deep thinking while angels are winking
At the meaning we are gleaning from pages

Of the Book where we look to justify
What we think. We want instead to know it.
We know what doesn’t show is just a lie
Unless we spy chapter/verse to show it.

Help me understand the line I swallow
Lest I drown in deep thoughts where I wallow.

2018 Sonnet 56

Squirrels in the fig tree. I don’t blame them.
Sweet summer fruit just waiting for a bite.
Squirrels in the fig tree. You can’t tame them.
Run them off? You bet! Prepare for a fight.

They’re rodents! Just rats with better PR.
Not afraid now that guns are illegal
To shoot in the city. Too cute to star
In a stew and too quick for the beagle.

Squirrels in the fig tree. Bird feeder bandits.
Even the cats have grown tired of the taste.
Breeding like rabbits. Guess you must hand it
To them for survival skills. What a waste.

I love all of God’s creatures. Yes, I do!
I’d love fig preserves with my squirrel stew.

2018 Sonnet 55

The bills must be paid. The dog must be fed.
The car doesn’t run without gasoline.
It’s all about math, not just in my head,
It’s math at the bank in fat times or lean.

If I ignore it, won’t it go away?
We might find cash, might win the lottery.
Seek and you’ll find and to win you must play.
The meteor might miss the pottery.

Drive on though the tank and the piggy bank
Grow closer to empty as days go by.
Go faster! Outrun disaster! What rank
Do you give to the future? Aw, go fly

A kite! Don’t worry. Start counting your change.
It all goes away when you stop acting strange.