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Am I a Dinosaur?

Am I a dinosaur for thinking the Bible is divinely inspired, true, and important for Christian living? Knowing that I feel that way tells you nothing about my opinion on anything else. All I know is that if you feel that way, please don’t jump the shark to conclude that you have perfect understanding and are therefore right in everything you say and do. Continue reading

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Vinyl Pops on the Ipod

Jesus said that the man who understands the gospel is like a homeowner who pulls from his storehouse treasures both old and new. He said no one puts new wine in old bottles, but he also said no one sews a new patch on old cloth. In the first case, the new wine is wasted; in the other, the old garment is ruined. The parable is not about merely accepting the new, but about protecting the old as well. Continue reading

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Youth Among the Prophets

I told our youth how a moment of worship made Saul a different person and turned a good son seeking lost donkeys into a king who dared to dance with the prophets. Then, I handed out bongos, tambourines, song flutes and ukes. Continue reading

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The Wages of Sin

It has been said that AA and 12-step recovery programs are the biggest development in western spirituality since the Protestant Reformation. Luther rejected the Pope; 12-steppers rejected religion in all its trappings, including the priesthood. It’s truly a priesthood of believers in a Higher Power that goes unlabeled, peer-to-peer ministry, sinner-to-sinner therapy. If you want to talk spirituality with Boomers and X-ers, you’ll find common ground with more people quoting the Big Book than quoting scripture. Continue reading

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